Other services

Web optimization

To be at the top of the search results

Mediactive is an expert in the art of optimizing a website so that it meets the criteria for the selection of search engines and especially Google.

Everything will be in place for it be as high as possible in search results.


Web audience reports

For knowing your visitors by heart

We will send you a monthly report of your website's audience, detailed and easy to understand thus you will have a good knowledge on the effectiveness of your website.

Here is a example : monthly report.

Web applications

To fully online software

Expert in web programming, Mediactive can develop for you all types of Internet applications.

If you need a software accessible via the Internet, secure and customized according to your needs, we have the solution.


To meet all your marketing needs

We also offer a design service for printed items such as business cards, corporate folders and other promotions tools.

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