We combine strategy, technology and design
to achieve your most ambitious goals.

Each company needs advice to design and develop its activity on the web.
This is where we bring our expertise.

Web sites

We develop modern, scalable websites for you that use the full potential of the Web while being focused on your needs and the user experience. And we combine it with an incredibly easy to use content manager (CMS).


An online store will simplify your sales and increase your turnover. You will have fewer constraints than with a physical store and you will reach more customers. Here too, you will benefit from our content manager (CMS) which will be adapted to your specific needs.

Web applications / CRM

Expert in Web programming, Mediactive can develop any type of Internet application for you. If you need software that is accessible over the Internet, secure and personalized according to your needs, we have the solution.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Mediactive masters the art of optimizing a website so that it meets the selection criteria of search engines and in particular those of Google. Everything will be in place so that it is positioned as high as possible in the search results.